Friday, September 12, 2008

On Seafood....

I am sure many are going to crinch in horror, but yes, I DO feed my boys fish.

No shellfish though.. off limits for Salamander, and momma doesn't do too good with it either.. which is really too bad, as I LOVED steamed muscles at one point in my life. I also ate fish and seafood through pretty much my entire pregnancy with Salamander (hey, he's from the years when obgyns recommended that you ate tuna fish at least once a week - and I was friggin' clueless) .. until the last trimester that was, when out of the blue, the smell of Friday's clam chowder in the work cafeteria made me run faster than any 7 month pregnant woman should be running... interesting eh?

Anyway, back to fish. My boys will have wild caught Salmon probably once a month. I will NOT feed them farmraised fish. On occasion, they'll also eat flounder, cod fish, or mahi mahi.

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