Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honey Suckles


Just discovered Honey Suckles on one of my favorite mail order websites, Digestive Wellness!!!!

Every year, after the boys and I come back from our annual apple picking adventure, we stop by at this little farm stand that sells organic honey, organic fruit jellies, wonderful Indonesian spices, Sambal, loempias, etc.

And every year I buy the boys a few honey suckles, at $2 a piece (yes, ouch ...).

So imagine my delight (and the boys are super excited as well; they were looking over my shoulder as I was ordering) finding them at a much more *palatable* price!!!!!

These will make great, every once and a while, additions to the lunch boxes too...


Anonymous said...

You mean honey suckles as in the vines that grow like weeds around here? I didn't know they were good for digestive issues. My sibs and I used to pluck those flowers and suck the nectar out of them every summer. Heck, I remember my friends and I doing it in elementary school (the playground fence was covered with honey suckle vines). I'll have to NOT cut those vines back next time they pop up... or is it some other variety??

Petra said...

No, no, no... Honey suckles in this context are little tubes filled with honey. I need to get the link up.. then it'll make more sense.

Sorry for confusing ya..