Friday, September 12, 2008


I use a 1 to 1 blend of organic ground beef and organic ground turkey. You can adjust, or use different ground meats to your preference. For a while, I was using ground buffalo instead of ground beef

1 package ground beef
1 package ground turkey
3 tbs ketchup (I use my own ketchup).

Blend beef, turkey, salt, pepper, ketchup well in a food processor. Roll into balls.

I either cook these in a large skillet, or I cook them in the oven. Depends on how much time I have, what else I may already have in the oven, on the stove top etc.

If I want to use the meatballs for a pasta dish, or as a side to mashed potatoes, I like them to be a little more crispy, so I will fry/bake the meatballs in some olive oil. If you decide to do that, you got to keep an eye on things and keep rotating the meatballs, or they'll burn.

If I want to use the meatballs for a soup, I will cook the meatballs in about one (1) inch of Pacific Natural Organic Free Range Chicken Broth (I use both the regular and the low sodium one - depends on how well stocked the store is).

Typically, the boys will be little piggies over these on the day that I make them. Left overs get stored in a, you guessed it, glass Pyrex bowl in the fridge, and get used up over the course of the week. The boys don't mind eating them cold, so I use them for their protein in the lunch boxes.

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