Thursday, September 11, 2008

Easy Mashed Potatoes

Easy, quick and yummy

Potatoes is one of the starches in our 7 day rotation. I try to stay with the Yellow Yukon potatoes as much as I can (if my very fuzzy brain serves me right, I think that particular potato *species* has a fairly low oxalate content).

Skin 6 to 7 medium sized Yellow Yukon potatoes

Half, and then quarter, and boil them in water until they are soft and easily break apart when you stick them with a fork

Drain most of the cooking water of the potatoes, but leave a little

Mash them up (you'll use that little bit of cooking water you left to make a smooth mixture)

Add olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley to taste.

These mashed potatoes also make a great base for Shepard's Pie. Yes, THAT will be a separate recipe post...(oh, I am SUCH a tease..)

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