Monday, September 8, 2008

Easy Snack Bars..

Yes, yes, I DO resort to snack/granola type bars for the boys' lunch boxes (just not every day).

Favorites here are:

ANDI chocolate shake bars (boys get a bar each twice a week)

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Bar (rotate that one too; although if it were up to Potatey he's have one very day)

Enjoy Life Very Berry Bar (another rotation)

For a while, Salamander was very in to the Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Bars. Not so much anymore, have no idea why...

The Enjoy Life chewy chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate brownie cookies are really good too; I have half the kids in my street raiding my house for these cookies. And I don't think the parents of said kids realize that these cookies are allergen-free (you know how *outsiders* are when you mention allergen free foods to them; their immediate response is 'oh, there can't be much taste to that stuff.' WRONG!!)

I have tried many other brands of allergen free bars as well, but the boys keep going back to the above.


Tori said...

Hey honey! :) Great blog! You are now my rival! (just kidding) :) I haven't tried the ANDI like 'em?


Petra said...

Oh gosh no, I do NOT want to start a rivalry.. Just sharing information, that's all. Maybe it'll help somebody get up to speed a little faster/make less mistakes than I made when I started.

I DO like the ANDI Chocolate shake almond bars. Don't care much for the other flavors, and neither do my boys. I had picked up a variety of flavors at my first DAN! conference (back in April 2005..oy) and Salamander and I taste tested them all. And the Chocolate Shake one won first price...

Tori said...

TOTALLY kidding about the rivalry thing! The more the merrier! :)

I will check out the ANDI bars in San Diego. My son is not much of a chocolate fan but my daughter we shall see!

Thanks! :)
Tori :)