Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spinach Omelet

I made a spinach omelet earlier this week that Salamander really liked (once again, Potatey opted out - he just does NOT like mixing foods; it's a texture thing. So what I do for him is to give him all the ingredients I plan on mixing separately. Yes, a little more work. But I do end up getting all the 'good stuff' into him that way).

Both boys were asking for spinach on Tuesday morning (yeah, THAT surprised me too; although it shouldn't have. Both of them will ask for specific foods that may surprise you, when their bodies have a need for a particular constituent of said food). So spinach they got...

I am a bit short on time right now.. so consider this a teaser. The full recipe will go up later today as soon as I have a moment.

Bacon, crisped and crumbled (I use my microwave for crisping bacon - works well)
Left over grilled chicken
1 large box of organic baby spinach, sliced into small strips
garlic salt, olive oil to taste
chives, washed and cut into small pieces
dried parsley flakes
4 eggs
organic chicken broth

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